It is more important to defecate than to eat.

Man lives to eat while the animal eats to live. Every day we are watching the time when we are going to eat and we are not worried about the time to defecate, unless we are hurry by the body. But you know what? It is more important to defecate than eating! We can live many days without eating (90 days aprox) and very few days, without defecating, because we would poison ourselves. Even if nothing is eaten, a liter of bile must be evacuated daily. The bodies that do not eliminate their impurities are poisoned and die.

  After fifty years, health in the human being is a problem of detoxification. Since life is nervous activity, and since the health of the nerves depends on the purity of the blood, it is understood the importance of purifying the blood with active defecations and daily eliminations. In human being there are only three causes of death: accident, old age and intoxication. The death of old age or natural death is currently an exception, it is only the result of the exhau…

Es mas importante defecar que comer.

El hombre vive para comer mientras el animal come para vivir. Diario estamos pendientes de la hora en que vamos a comer y nos despreocupamos por la hora de defecar, a menos que nos apure el cuerpo. ¿Pero saben qué? ¡Es más importante defecar que comer! Podemos vivir muchos días sin comer (90 aprox) y muy pocos días, sin defecar, pues nos envenenaríamos. Aunque no se coma nada, diario debe evacuarse un litro de bilis. Los cuerpos que no eliminan sus impurezas se envenenan y mueren.

Pasados los cincuenta años, la salud en el ser humano es un problema de desintoxicación. Dado que la vida es actividad nerviosa, y puesto que la salud de los nervios depende de la pureza de la sangre, se entiende la importancia que tiene el purificar la sangre con activas defecaciones y eliminaciones diarias.
En el hombre solo existen tres causas de muerte: accidente, vejez e intoxicación. La muerte de vejez o sea muerte natural, actualmente es una excepción, pues solo es el resultado del agotamiento de la f…

Washing of blood with steam. 2nd part.

Adults especially after 40 years, both men and women, can take it every day and indefinitely, with the security of finding in this application the safest resource to maintain the vitality of your body, rid of impurities that cause alterations in the composition of blood, atherosclerosis and other ailments today fashionable in cities. It is explained that the fat people lose weight and the skinny ones get fat with this bath that daily favors the functional normality of the organism.

     Manuel Lezaeta's Steam Blood Wash is taken inside a cabinet inside which the bather sits leaving his head outside to breathe fresh air. The rest of the naked body will receive the steam that comes out from under his feet, controlling his intensity with one hand within reach of his right hand. The temperature inside will be 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. The image here will save us explanations.

     As soon as the patient feels warm all over his body, although he does not sweat, he will go out to tak…

Lavado de Sangre al Vapor. 2nda. parte

Los adultos especialmente después de los 40 años, tanto hombres como mujeres, pueden tomarlo cada día e indefinidamente, con la seguridad de encontrar en esta aplicación el recurso más seguro para mantener la vitalidad de su organismo, liberándolo de las impurezas que originan alteraciones en la composición de la sangre, arteriosclerosis y otras dolencias hoy de moda en las ciudades. Se explica así que los gordos adelgacen y los flacos engorden con este baño que diariamente favorece la normalidad funcional del organismo.

El Lavado de sangre al vapor de Manuel Lezaeta se toma dentro de un gabinete dentro del cual el bañista se sienta dejando su cabeza fuera para respirar aire puro. El resto del cuerpo desnudo recibirá el vapor que sale debajo de sus pies, controlándose su intensidad con una mano al alcance de su mano derecha. La temperatura en el interior será de 40 a 50 grados centígrados. La imagen aquí nos ahorrará explicaciones.

En cuanto el bañista sienta caliente todo su cuerpo, au…

Blood wash Lezaeta system. (First part)

With this name Manuel Lezaeta designated the most appropriate practice to achieve the purification of blood. Always altered in all chronic patients.

     Blood Washing consists of a series of nervous and circulatory reactions caused by frequent cold water baths on the skin heated by steam. In adults, their daily practice is an assurance of well-being and long life. Its action in the organism satisfies the need to purify and normalize the circulation of blood.
     Congesting the skin with steam, the internal organs of the body are working with a minimum of blood, which provides them with great relief and rest which allows, even to heart patients, asthma and lungs, to take advantage of their benefits.       Thus, the Washing of Blood produces a healing fever of the skin and combats the "destructive Fever" of the guts that as we know in a variable degree is the proper condition of all chronic patients, without distinction of symptoms.

 Alternating heat and cold, successive co…

Lavado de Sangre sistema Lezaeta.(primera parte)

Con este nombre designó Manuel Lezaeta la práctica más adecuada para conseguir la purificación de la sangre. Siempre alterada en todo enfermo crónico.
El Lavado de Sangre consiste en una serie de reacciones nerviosas y circulatorias provocadas por frecuentes baños de agua fría sobre la piel calentada al vapor.  En los adultos su práctica diaria, constituye un seguro de bienestar y larga vida. Su acción en el organismo satisface la necesidad de purificar y normalizar la circulación de la sangre.

Congestionando la piel con el vapor, los órganos interiores del cuerpo quedan trabajando con un mínimo de sangre, lo que les procura un gran alivio y descanso lo cual permite, aún a enfermos del corazón, asma y pulmones, aprovechar sus beneficios. Así pues, el Lavado de Sangre produce fiebre curativa de la piel y combate la “Fiebre destructiva” de las entrañas que como sabemos en grado variable es estado propio de todo enfermo crónico, sin distinción de síntomas.

Alternando calor y frío se obtienen…


Let´s talk about Geotherapy

"And God modeled the man out of clay and water. And breathed into their noses the breath of life, and man became a living soul.“ Genesis: Chapter 2, verse 7.

     Man, like all animate beings, is a child of the earth, our body is formed from it and we have to reintegrate it. The food we eat is soil that the plants have transformed, vitalized and incorporated into our body. Plants are nourished by the soil and we by plants.

     In the clay we have two agents that generate organic life together: dirt and water. The union of these two agents makes everything that possesses the germ of life prosper, destroys and decomposes dead matter to transform it into new elements of life.      The earth as a good mother, also offers health properties of great importance, used both inside and outside.

     Due to its properties, the clay is recommended as an element of great absorbing power, antiseptic, bactericidal, healing, soothing, depurative, deflates, deconges…